Molly Joy Champion
Born: 8/9/2005

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7 Months! (sorry no updates) Friday March 17th, 2006F
I'm doing a terrible job of keeping this up to date! I have no excuse!
Molly has just started to sit up. Her big brother loves to bring her toys, and she thinks that's pretty wonderful! She always wants to stand up (with help obviously). She also had a doctors visit yesterday and got some drops for her ouchy eye. It's not pink eye, but she's always had a little irritation in one eye.

I hope to get more updates more often. I'm working on the galleries as time allows.

2 week checkup Tuesday, 8/23/2005
Molly gained weight! She's back up to 6lbs 3oz (almost back to birth weight!) Also, I now have a new photo gallery of both Luke and Molly. More pictures will be uploaded soon.
Life at home Monday, 8/15/2005
We are enjoying our first few days at home. Grandma Weld stayed until Saturday morning. We had to go to the hospital for two jaundice checks on Sat and Sun morning. The number dropped to 11.2 which is the right direction. We don't have to go back. HOORAY!

We spent a few hours at Grandpa and Grandma Champion's house on Sunday. All of Tim's family was in Des Moines to meet Molly and go to the State Fair. We took a picture of Molly, Luke and all their cousins. There are now 7 girls and Luke. This picture and others should be on the web site in a few days.

I'm recovering from the C-Section. Other than stairs in our house, the hardest thing is not being able to pick up Luke. He calls Molly "baby" and hasn't been too jealous to date. Two times in the past two days, he has said "off" when Molly is on my lap. He has also tried to give her a car, truck and a tractor. I'm sure that the sharing of toys will be a novel idea.

First Night Saturday, 8/13/2005
Grandma Weld helped us last night and this morning. We had to go in and get Molly's jaundice checked out at the hospital this morning, and we are up in the 12's. It's not good that it's going up, but this isn't a terrible number either. We have to go in tomorrow, and have things checked out again.
Home! Friday, 8/12/2005
We came home today! Molly's Jaundice level went down to a 10.8, so the let us go! :)

Before we left, they finally took Molly's picture. Check it out at the hospital web site!

Water Broke Tuesday, 8/9/2005 2:22am
Jamie's water broke this morning at 2:22am. We called Tim's Mom to come over, and while I'm waiting I thought I'd post this. Don't forget to see our breaking news section.
Ready to go 8/8/2005
We had an appointment today, and we are offically scheduled to go in to the hospital tomorrow evening (Tues 8/9), and hopefully have a baby on Wednesday (8/10). That's the plan anyway :)

Tim's brother, Dave, has agreed to post breaking news while we're in the hospital.

Due date changed! 8/4/2005
Big news! Our due date has changed. We go in for an appointment on Monday (8/8) and most likely schedule ourselves to go in to be induced sometime between Tuesday 8/9 and Friday 8/12. Of course, we could always go before that, but the doctor said that we will not go past the 12th. I'll post with more news after Monday's appointment. I'm getting a nursery page up, but no pictures yet.
Starting up with a new site! 7/27/2005
I'm starting up a new site for Be-A. We've had many ups and downs already during the pregnancy. Tests revealed that we have what's called a 2-vessel cord. That means that instead of 3 vessels, Be-A's umbilical cord only has 2. Our doctor warned us that she may be born small, but there shouldn't be any other problems. Yes, we do know it's a girl; can't you tell by the pink page???

Anyway, we aren't hiding the name choices this time like we did with Luke. Our front-runner right now is Molly. The middle name will be Joy. Jamie's sister's name was Merry, and we're using a synonym of Merry (as in happy) - Joy. Besides, in our wedding vows, they started with "Tim(or Jamie), you bring me great Joy!" So, we're bringing Joy into the world. (stretching it? maybe.. )

More to come.