Luke Frederick Champion
Born 2/5/2004

The Nursery
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Jamie originally had the idea of a Snoopy/peanuts themed Nursery. Tim had more ideas, and took it further (too far?). Each wall is painted a different color; blue, green, yellow, and, well, yellow. On the green wall is Linus. For some reason, Tim thought Linus had to be on green. Snoopy got the blue wall. One of the yellow walls has the window, and the other yellow wall has the closet, so there really isn't too much yellow. Tim wanted to put Lucy's Psychiactric help booth around the window, using the top portion as a wooden valance. Jamie thought that was a bit much, but Tim talked her into it. Turned out pretty good, don't you think?
Tim's Mom working on Linus. She's so crafty!
Tim's Dad working on Snoopy. Thanks so much to Grandma & Grandpa Champion (Tim's Mom & Dad) for helping with the Linus & Snoopy. Grandma & Grandpa Weld (Jamie's Mom & Dad) were here earlier doing the wall colors.
Hooray! Linus is ALL done. Isn't he cute? Such a classic pose.
Jamie admires the finished Dancing Snoopy. It all started when Jamie wanted a Dancing snoopy on the wall! She got it. Jamie's about 7 or 8 months pregnant here.
Lucy's Psychiactric Help booth all done (except the in/out sign). It's hard to see, the lighting is all messed up. Tim's friend Mike Blair helped with the writing. Hey Mike, It's spell psychiatric, not psychiatic. Some people just can't spell!
Top part of the booth/valance. It says "PSYCHIATRIC HELP 5"
The Doctor is... what? A Power Outlet? Ok, I'll finish the in/out sign soon.
We got 7 homemade blankets! All of them are special! Starting with the brightly colored quilt on the bottom left going clockwise:
  • Tims Mom; Sarah Champion
  • Jamie's Grandma; Kit Zirbel
  • Jamie's cousin; Jolene Duitscher
  • Tim's Grandma; Thelma Stark
  • Jamie's Cousin; Denise Pontius
  • Jamie's Aunt; Jill Murray
  • Bethany & Joyce

A couple of shelves full of Snoopy stuff. Lots of Snoopy stuff...