Luke Frederick Champion
Born 2/5/2004

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Guestbook back up 9/9/2005
I now have Luke's guestbook. Sign away :)

Luke (and Molly) visited work today, and showed off for Tim's coworkers. He did fun things like "running" which is just walking fast, coutning to 10!, and playing cars on the floor in HR :)

Very Long Update 9/5/2005
Today, Luke is 19 months old today, and doing much more than crawling. He's obviously (I hope it obvious) walking well, and talking well. He probably has hunderds of words. I don't know how you could not know this, but Luke is now a big brother of Molly Joy Champion

He had a doctor's appointment recently, and he's still growing well! He's 27.5 pounds, which is 60th percentile for his age. He's also at 70th percentile on height. So while he's a bit heavy, he's also tall. I still think he as a good build to be a linebacker :).

I now have a New Gallery set up. It has pictures for both Luke and Molly, as well as photos from vacations Jamie and I have taken.

I know there's been a lot going on in 2005, but there's just too much to remember for me. He's a big kid, and hopefully, I'll have more freqeunt updates in the future. We'll see.

Crawling all over 12/7/2004
Luke is crawling anywhere and everywhere he wants! He figured that out a week before Thanksgiving while visiting Jamie's family in Minniapolis. A couple weeks later, he figured out how to crawl up the stairs! So, now we have to either put up the baby gates, or be right there while he crawls about the house. It's very fun! Tonight, after supper, Tim, Jamie and Luke play with a Hot Wheel (little 1 inch car) on the floor of the kitchen. He is kind of figuring out how to push the car, but he's not real good at it yet. Either way, it's fun, and he smiles, laughs, and kicks his legs. It's so cute!
Getting Teeth 8/28/2004
Luke has 2 teeth coming in (bottom center). He's also eating vegetables.. He's tried Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Grean Beans, and Peas (in that order). He likes everything so far. We went to the state fair with Luke. He really like to look at dogs, and other babies. We went to the farmers Market today, and he liked that a lot. There were so many things, people, dogs, and all sorts of other fun things to look at!
Great pictures! 8/2/2004
We had Luke's pictures taken again, but as of now, we haven't gotten them back. You can preview them online. Use the password of: 2831388 (no dashes) That should get you there.

Luke is sitting up very good now, and is turning 6 months old on 8/5. His Daddy is turning 32 on that day too!
4 Months Old 6/7/2004
Wow, no update in over a month. My excuse is that I broke the digital camera. Got a new one though.
Luke went to the doctor today, and he's at the 75th percentile in both height and weight. 15 lbs, 14 oz. and 26 inches tall. He also got shots which made him very sad. He also got the OK to start some rice cereal (slowly). He's a very healthy, happy boy. He loves to smile and laugh! He's so fun! Now that I have the digital camera/camcorder, I will soon post new pictures, and maybe a video clip of his cute laugh.
Hope to update again soon.
Roll Over!? 4/28/2004
Luke has began to roll over from his tummy to his back! I took some video of it. Chose your favorite format!
Easter update 4/13/2004
Well, the answer is: 12 pounds 3 oz, and 23 1/2 inches long. (the question is: What happened at the doctors appointment?) He's a very healthy boy! We had a good time at Grandma & Grandpa Weld's for Easter. Lots of relatives got to meet Luke, and of course they all think he's a cute, nice boy. We attempted Luke's first Easter Egg hunt, but it was 35 degrees, and I guess we realized that he's two months old! so we left before it got started. He also dyed Easter Eggs at his great aunt Eileen's house in Rochester. What that really means is that some adults dyed Easter Eggs while Luke looked at the shiny pans hanging from the ceiling.
Two Month old Luke! 4/5/2004
Well, I obviously haven't updated in quite a while. I guess we've just been a little too busy to do it. :) Luke is such a cute boy! He's been smiling and laughing, it's so fun! We've got lots of smiling pictures in the gallery. He's growing so fast. He has a doctors appointment today. I'll post is weight and height here after the appointment.

It's really looking like his eyes are very much brown. With that and brown hair, he's almost a spitting image of me (his dad) :)
(Almost) One month old Luke! 3/3/2004
Wow, it's been a while since the last update! Luke's been a busy boy! Luke has been going lots of places! He's gone to Church twice, to both sets of Grandma & Grandpa's houses, he's been to the Mall, and to Target, Babies-R-Us ... all over the place! He's an on-the-go boy!

Luke is doing really good! One funny thing is after he eats, and he sits up on our shoulder to burp, he really likes to look out the window of his nursery. He'll open his eyes wide, and wrinkle up his forehead. It's really cute! He's eating really good, sometime it seems like he's always hungry. At night, he's going 4-5 hours sometimes between feedings, and waking up very hungry. We think he's starting to smile. Actually, we've been noticing it for about a week. Everybody says he's really cute, and really strong. He's holding his head up mostly on his own. He's got a wobbly head, but he really has a lot of head/neck control. More later, got a crying baby!
Luke's first outing! 2/19/2004
Today, Luke went out for the first time since he came home from the hospital. First, Jamie and Luke went to visit some people at church this morning. Next, Luke had his first Doctor's visit since leaving the hospital. Then, Jamie and Luke came to visit me and all my co-workers at work. The Doctor gave Luke a clean bill of health. He got a shot, which he sure didn't like, but he did get a Luney Tunes band-aid. He weighs 8 pounds, 3 ounces, which is up 4 ounces from his birth weight 2 weeks ago today! He's 21 3/8 inches long, and his umbilical cord (stump) is still attached, but should be falling off pretty soon.

Everybody at my work thought he was very cute, but he slept through the whole thing. It was a pretty big day for Luke.

Enjoying cute Luke 2/16/2004
All of the family on both sides have been over to see Luke! He's still being a very sweet boy. He likes to look around when he's awake, and doesn't fuss much (after that first night home). Of course, sleep is lacking for both Jamie & Me; but mostly Jamie. Luke, on the other hand, is sleeping pretty good!

The gallery has now been updated with more pictures. Enjoy!
Luke's First day home 2/13/2004
Luke had a rough first night Thursday night. I think he had some pain from his circumcision yesterday. We gave him the tylenol prescribed to him, but he still couldn't sleep. Jamie & I took turns staying up with him. I hope he sleeps more tonight. We are learning more about Luke all the time. He seems to want to eat at 4+ hour intervals. The NICU nurses & doctors told us we shouldn't let him go past 4 hour intervals, so, we aren't. :) Luke's cousins from Kansas City came up to visit him today. They got to hold him, and were very excited to see him. Luke slept the whole time though. :)

I think we're ready for some visitors. Please just call ahead before you come. I also updated the Labor Wrap-up section today.
We're Home! 2/12/2004
Sorry there was no update yesterday. Jamie and I just didn't get home to anything except check on the cats, and maybe shower. The feeding tube came out late Tuesday night after I posted the 2/10 update, and went back to the hospital. By combining nursing with bottle feeding breast milk, we were able to meet the requirements of being released from the NICU. So, they let us go home around 5:00pm! Luke is getting used to his new environment! He's been in the hospital for the first week of his life, so our "home" probably seems foreign to him. We are, of course, very excited to have Luke home, but he seems to have shrunk after he came home. He's so little!! You could put four Lukes in his crib! I have more pictures to put in the gallery soon.
Big Improvement today 2/10/2004
Not much time, but I got the gallery done. Luke made some huge improvements today! He is now off the Dextrose IV, and his blood sugar is remaining stable! Another great hurdle we've crossed is that the phototherapy lights are now gone. These were for his jaundice, which is now at a low enough level not to worry about any longer. We just need to work on the feeding issue, and we should be able to go home!

Sorry there's no time to say more. Jamie and I are both staying at the hospital tonight to try and make some progress in the feeding department!
11:00 pm, Monday, February 9th, 2004
We ended the day on a good note! We had an excellent feeding. This has been a very difficult and trying hurdle for us. He has been feeding thru a tube so far, and Jamie's been trying to nurse him mostly unsuccesfully. This was a great morale boost for both of us today!

On other fronts, Luke's juandice is improving well, and he is nearly weaned off the dextrose IV. The IV should be gone within 24 hours (maybe less). I still haven't had the time to put up more pictures. I'll get it done soon, I promise.
11:47 pm, Sunday, February 8th, 2004
Jamie and I are pretty much coming home each night to sleep in our own bed, so my updates will probably be once each evening. Luke is making great improvements, but is still in the NICU. I stated earlier that as the dextrose IV is what's keeping him there, well, the nurse today told me that his "ticket home" would be him eating the right amount without the feeding tube, either by nursing, or by bottle feeding, or any combination of the 2. Today, Luke and Jamie made some big strides forward in the eating department. Basically, Luke needs to learn how to eat. He's been kinda spoiled by the feeding tube, no work on his part to get a full tummy! His blood sugar continues to improve, especially as he eats more. He's more than half way to his goal of weaning off the Dextrose IV. Just to show how good he's doing, the nurse today, with 25 years of Neonatal ICU experience, said Luke was the only patient she's seen that was able to turn sideways in his bed by himself with no help. So he's a strong boy! People are welcome to visit, but we will kick you out for about an hour at feeding time. One last thing. Thanks so much for all the Guestbook entries! Jamie and I have read them, and really appreciate them!

More tomorrow - Tim
9:00 pm, Saturday, February 7th 2004
Tim again,
Jamie and I decided to come home tonight and try and get some good sleep. We'll go back in first thing in the morning. Jamie and Luke made some good progess today in the Nursing department! We're very happy about that! Luke's IV has had to be moved twice now. As soon as he gets weaned off the dextrose IV, he should be able to go home, hopefully early next week. He's starting to develop a mild case of jaundice also, which shouldn't hold him back from going home. His head is healing up very well from his vacuum extraction, and we're not all that worried about his body temperature anymore. I think he just inherited Jamie's low body temperature. :) We really want to bring him home soon. It was really hard having Jamie released from the hospital today with Luke still in Blank Children's Hosptial NICU. One last thing. Luke got the "All clear" for the potential infection, so that's one less thing to worry about! Hooray!!
3:00pm, Saturday, February 7th 2004
Luke is still in the Infant ICU. They're giving him dextrose (sugar) via his IV, but they've been able to reduce the amount needed to keep his blood sugar up. Each time his level checks out OK (65), they reduce the amount of dextrose they have to give him.
9:00am, Friday, February 6th 2004
Hello, Tim here!
Luke has an IV in his foot right now, he did have one in his left hand in the pictures. There are 3 things they're worried about (a little) with Luke. One, his blood sugar, which, as my brother said, is doing good. Two, They are slightly worried about an infection, but we are pretty sure nothing's going to show up. And Three, He needed a little help being born, and had some Vacuum extraction done to help him out. He's got a big soft puffy spot on the back of his head. And by "spot", I mean the whole back of his head. He's a pretty content little boy. He just gets a little sad when you touch his sore head.

More updates soon.
9:00pm, Thursday
Just an update on Luke's status. Tim wanted to let everyone know that Luke's doing fine. He's been in the Infant ICU, because he had low blood sugar at birth, but it was back to normal as of this morning.
Labor wrapup 2/5/2005
This is a summary of Jamie's labor, and Luke's birth.

Jamie's contractions were never regular. That's why we thought they were braxton hicks contractions. Right up to the end, she was varying between 2 contractions right on top of each other, and 5 minutes apart. She got an epideral late in the afternoon, which worked great! Her water broke about the same time. After that, she was very comfortable, although she had to lay on her right side throughout labor. About 11:00 pm, Jamie started pushing, and things really picked up around 11:30. After 2 and a half hours of pushing, Doctor Brink came in and helped us out with vacuum extraction, and Luke Frederick Champion was born at 1:47 a.m. on Thursday, February 5th, 2004.
Going to the hospital 2/4/2004
We're going to the hosptial now. Not to say the baby will definitely come, but we're going. We're still not sure if these are real contractions, or false, but they're consistently 7-8 minutes apart, so it's worth going in to find out, and maybe get sent home.
Two days into overtime 2/3/2004
Two days past the due date, and no baby yet. There is some news to report, though Jamie is beginning to have Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor). They're very inconsistent in both intensity and interval. Maybe this is helping move things along, who knows.

The other big news is Jamie officially started her maternity leave as of Monday, Feb 2nd. The end of the month was a good time for Jamie to wrap things up at work. She went in today to tie up a few loose ends. She's also (obviously) getting very uncomfortable too, so she's pretty happy not have to worry about work. If the false labor turns into true labor, I'll try and get some news on here before we go to the hospital.
Superbowl Sunday (aka Due Date) 2/1/2004
Here it is; the due date, and there is no baby yet :) Jamie is getting more uncomfortable with more aches and pains, and is very ready to him to come out and see us! Baby Boy Champion is moving quite a bit, and is still heads down. The forecast for tonight into tomorrow is 8-12 inches of snow, so I'm sure that as soon as the roads become impassable, Jamie will go into labor! Actually, I'm ready for the impending snow storm. I got the 4x4 pickup ready to go, so if we need to, we can get to Methodist Hospital

We have another OB appointment tomorrow (Monday 2/2) to see how we're progressing, and if nothing else happens, we will have another appointment a week after that (2/9). If nothing is happening then, they will schedule Jamie to be induced that week. We really hope things don't go that far, but that's the plan...unless he decides to come out and see us before that.

Jamie had a good birthday (1/29). I got her an iPod. We spent most of the evening importing music into it. I really think she'll like it, and use it.

FAQ & Update 1/28/2004
We had an OB appointment today, and the baby's heartbeat is 130bpm. The doctor seemed pretty sure that the baby would be at least 8 lbs. Our next appointment is Monday, Feb 2nd ... if necessary :) The baby is still heads down, and we were also reminded by the doc that if we wouldn't have had the External Version, we'd probably already have the baby by now!

Now for the FAQ (Frequently Asked Question - that's question; singular).
The question is: "How's Jamie feeling?"
The answer: Well, I feel ready to have a baby!! It's been such a good pregnancy for 38 plus weeks. I'm just starting to get tired and impatient, but otherwise healthy. I had a case of the flu on Monday and while sitting on the bathroom floor, I exclaimed, "I want to have this baby, but please NOT today." I guess that I got my wish.
Speaking of patience, this is what we had hoped for. If we had not tried the EV or it had not been successful, we would have had the baby by C-Section on Monday. So, I guess while waiting and resting, we are thankful to have the opportunity to wait.
Now ask me how I'm feeling again in a few days and the answer may change.
No real news: 1/25/2004
Jamie was wrong, she's still pregnant. She really thinks it will be this week. Maybe on her birthday, which is January 29th. Tim's co-workers threw him a shower and made him change a (baby doll's) diaper blindfolded. They put baby food in the diaper, making it pretty difficult. A fun time was had by all!

The Guestbook is now online! You can sign it now or wait until you want to give Congratulations!
When the baby comes ... 1/21/2004
I said "WHEN"! When the baby comes, my brother, Dave is going to be really helpful and post any updates on his server for me. I'll get an update here as soon as I get the chance!

At today's OB appointment, the baby's heartbeat is 140bpm. The doctor told us not to be surprised if we go late. Tim's guess for the big day is Feb 10th. Jamie's is Jan 22nd ... That probably won't happen... :)
News: 1/17/2004
Well, I'm getting started on the web site. I'll try and keep it up to date. Baby Boy is now heads down thanks to a sucessful procedure called ECV (External Cephalic Version). We're all set for a natural birth... any day now!